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Canada Travel Guide

Canada, the world's second-largest country is vast in every sense and has many world-renowned tourist attractions. Niagara Falls, the Rocky Mountains and cities like Toronto and Montreal with their famous historical buildings and quarters are loved the world over.

Indeed, Canada's natural beauty remains its biggest draw, and perhaps with none more photogenic than Banff National Park. Banff has pristine alpine forests that carpet the land far into the horizon, Banff is famously home to some of Canada's most beloved wildlife; with beavers, elk, and brown bears all found here. The emerald green waters of Lake Louise, and the star of countless Instagram posts can also be found inside Banff National Park.

For the outdoor adventurer, Canada offers world-class kayaking, climbing, skiing, and mountain biking, but even with all this, Canada offers much more than just breathtaking natural beauty.

Beyond the natural charms, cities like Toronto, Calgary, Ontario, Vancouver, Montreal and Ottawa all have much to offer, and each makes for a good vacation spot as each city has its own distinct charms and identity.

The capital city – Ottawa is famed for its winter skating, museums and the picturesque Rideau Canal.

Canada's second city of Toronto, – located on the shores of Lake Ontario – is especially popular with tourists. Its vibrant arts scene, famed food and historic streets have a year-round appeal. Canada's most famous natural landmark; Niagara Falls can also be reached in less than two hours drive from Toronto.

Montreal feels much more European owing to its French roots, and French is still its primary language bringing a cultural influence that is still felt today. Montreal is also well known for its food; it is believed to be the birthplace of poutine, the Canadian national dish made with fries, cheese and brown gravy.

Whilst Calgary; just a short distance from the Rockies offers another different experience to savour; its strong western culture earns it the nickname Cowtown. Although Calgary is a city of some 1.5m inhabitants it still makes for a slower change of pace when compared to Montreal and Toronto.

Whether you are wanting to enjoy some fine beer and poutine, gaze at the Northern Lights or commune with nature, Canada will always wow you and keep you coming back for more.


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