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A friendly Fijian welcome and broad smiles await you in this tropical paradise of beautiful beaches, glowing blue lagoons and swaying palm trees. Renowned for stunning sunsets, breathtaking waterfalls, awesome surf and pristine rainforests, Fiji unsurprisingly draws thousands of visitors to its shores each year.

Chief among the attractions has to be the cyan-blue sea. As you enter the Fijian airspace you will no doubt be greeted with a carpet of glistening turquoise reefs, fringing unspoilt confetti of sandy, lush islands. It may look tranquil and majestic, but beneath the surface, it's teeming with life. Amid multicoloured reefs, the intrepid can explore over 1,000 fish species. You'll also find five of the seven species of sea turtles as well as sharks, dolphins and whales around Fiji. You can't come here without snorkelling or diving at least some of the time.

Beyond the marine life, you'll find ample opportunities to go hiking, with an abundance of forests and trails following scenic viewpoints and waterfall pools. Nature lovers will revel on the island of Kadavu, which is practically roadless, with a smattering of local villages and plantations connected by untrodden pathways. Even more, beauty can be found on the verdant island of Taveuni which boasts thick jungle vegetation and tropical flowers. Birdwatchers will love the Fijian islands for its plethora of winged species including the famous yellow and red-breasted musk parrots.

Perhaps above all, though, it's the people that make Fiji. Comprising more than 300 islands, the country is a vibrant melting pot where East Indian, Polynesian, Melanesian, Chinese and European cultures converge to form a unique cultural medley. English is widely spoken, which means communication is a breeze. You can also expect locals to give you the warmest welcomes, and don't be surprised if they invite you into their homes and invite you to share a cup of Kava.

If somehow, you tire of the beaches and wildlife of the islands, you'll find Suva to be an intriguing cultural hub, with a jumble of colonial and modern architecture. Laid out over lush hills by the sea, the capital is home to half of the country's population and is the biggest city in the South Pacific. If you like to party, Fiji isn't all laid-back, with Suva offering up a large dose of irreverent nightlife.

Brimming with colourful attractions, awe-inspiring scenery, friendly people and cultural and sporting activities aplenty, Fiji offers something for everyone. From the wanderlust-suffused traveller to the hedonistic sports junkie, this archipelago at the crossroads of the South Pacific is tourist heaven. And, best of all, there’s an array of hotels and activities to suit all tastes and budgets.


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