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Germany Travel Guide

Located both culturally and physically in the heart of Europe, Germany combines hearty food, fairytale castles and sweeping forests.

The historic cities of Berlin, Cologne, Munich, and Hamburg combine a cosmopolitan vibe with many of the traditional charms for which the country is known. City life in Germany is regarded as amongst the best in the world and owes much to its popular beer gardens, frequent festivals, cleanliness and plentiful bakeries that tourists quickly grow to love.

Thanks to a stereotypically efficient transport system, getting around Germany is quick and easy – with many motorists keen to experience the autobahn as part of their travels – and a car or train is likely the best way to get around.

Owing to its location, Germany is strewn with many medieval castles perched high in its mountains and forests. Neuschwanstein Castle in Bavaria is the most famous of them all, and one of the most visited attractions in Europe, but again is well-organised so don’t let that discourage a visit. Indeed Neuschwanstein Castle is so pretty it is said to have inspired the castle in the Walt Disney classic Sleeping Beauty. Other notable castles include; Schwerin, Hohenzollern near Stuttgart, and Hohenschwangau Castle which is also in Bavaria.

In the beautiful German countryside, there is much on offer too. Germany has a seasonal climate so skiing and winter sports are popular here, and in summer areas like the Mecklenburg Lake District attract the crowds; with its hiking, walking trails and camping areas all thoroughly recommended.

Of course, we cannot mention Germany and omit its world-famous beers, bakeries and traditional sausages. All of these vary from region to region and can be found at every turn. Pretzels, wurst (sausages) and delicious strudels are all particularly delicious. For those who don’t eat meats; almost 10% of the population of Germany is vegan so alternatives are easily found.

Fortunately, the cold German stereotype is untrue, and you will find the locals very liberal and welcoming. Anyone who has attended Oktoberfest would surely agree with how fun and raucous the locals can be!

Germany makes for an excellent year-round destination, and some of the city breaks on offer are amongst the best in Europe.


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