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Located where Europe meets Asia, Turkey is a hugely popular holiday destination. Enjoying excellent year-round weather Turkey is overflowing with historic sites, stunning architecture, religious importance and beautiful natural vistas.

Thousands of years of invasions, wars, rebellion and immigration have forged a country which has a vibrant, easy-going outlook, and a history of which few countries can rival.

Although its capital Ankara is a modest choice for a holiday, and worthy of a few quiet days of exploration, the heart of the nation lies in its most famous city - Istanbul.

The Istanbul skyline is famous for its number of Ottoman mosques, ancient palaces, Byzantine churches and Roman architecture. This bustling city never sleeps and visitors flock to its bazaars, beaches and crowded nightclubs – it makes for an excellent city or extended break. For the cultural tourist it has several well regarded museums including Tokapi, the Hagia Sophia Museum, and the three Istanbul Archaeological Museums.

Away from Istanbul, Turkey has popular resorts in Bodrum, Marmaris, and the increasingly popular Cappadocia region – famed for rugged landscape and hot-air balloon filled skies. All of these are whilst crowded are good alternatives to Istanbul as your base of exploration.

Turkey is a comfortable holiday destination; prices are reasonable, crime is low, the resorts and transport links are plentiful. It is these factors, combined with its lustrous history that ensure its place as one of the most visited countries in the world, with almost 46m visits in 2018.

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